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Dolphin Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Swindon Dolphin slipped to their first defeat of the season against Welsh Wanderers on Sunday. Despite leading for the majority of the match, a strong Dolphin side managed to loose 11-10 following two late strikes from the Welsh side in the final minute of the match.

Dolphin, fielding a mixture of experienced and new players, started the stronger of the two teams and were in control for almost the entire match, though never managed to extend their lead past two goals. In the final minute of the fixture Welsh Wanderers seized the lead for the first time, taking advantage of mistakes that were made by the home side to snatch victory.

Goals were spread all through the team with the main contribution coming from captain Andy Hicks who netted on five occasions. Other players to score a goal apiece were David Quinlivan, Chris Selby, Chris McConnell, Matt James and Michal Trzeciak.

Captain Hicks said after the match “we should not have lost this match … we simply lost our concentration and they made us pay.” Goalkeeper Andy Watts added “let’s hope we can bounce back and put up a good performance next week against Bath University in the first round of the cup.”

Result: Swindon Dolphin 10–11 Welsh Wanderers II

Team: Andy Watts, David Quinlivan (1 goal, 1 major), Chris Selby (1, goal, 2 majors), Andy Hicks (5 goals, 1 major), Andy Prowse, Tim Newcombe, Chris McConnell (1 goal, 1 major), Ian Brewer (1 major), Matt James (1 goal), Pete Everett, Mark Lawlor (1 major), Michal Trzeciak (1 goal), James Godden (1 major)

Source: Swindon Dolphin Press Team


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