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Moonraker Winter League, Part 2

Event:  Moonraker Winter League, Round 2 Venue:  Trowbridge (A Team), Link Centre (B Team), Salisbury (C Team) Date:  23rd January 2010

The results from the first round of the Moonraker Winter League showed Dolphin A to be in a strong position overall.  Of the 23 Wiltshire teams in the competition, Dolphin A recorded top three times in 34 out of the 39 events.

However, a full strength Trowbridge A put an end to any thoughts of Dolphin A dominating the entire competition by taking victory at their home pool.

Final Points:  Trowbridge A 198  Swindon Dolphin A 170  Salisbury 145  Bradford on Avon 117  Corsham A 109  Warminster 56

Dolphin B had their work cut out in their meet at the Link centre against, amongst others, a strong Tigersharks A and Chippenham, finishing just ahead of Wroughton in third place on the night.

Final Points:  Tigersharks A 220  Chippenham 180  Swindon Dolphin B 111  Wroughton 109  Marlborough 102  Trowbridge B 89

Salisbury was the setting for the C team’s encounter and as in the first round came up against a good Wootton Bassett side who won by a clear margin.  There was a surprise second place for Durrington Otters with Dolphin finishing third.

Final Points:  Wootton Bassett 227  Durrington 206  Swindon Dolphin C 192  Melksham 130  Westbury 130  Swindon 128  Devizes 71


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