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Round 1 - National Arena Junior Swim League

The National Arena Junior Swimming League Round 1 ran virtually this year, with 119 teams across Britain competing.

Swindon Dolphin's fastest 9-12 year olds were the only Wiltshire Club entered into the event, and successfully competed with two teams, ‘Swindon Dolphin Yellow’ and ‘Swindon Dolphin Black’.

After a night full of fast racing and much enjoyment, Swindon Dolphin Yellow Team saw them win the event at the Link Centre, finishing nationally on the leader board in 28th position, a wonderful result for the team. The Swindon Dolphin Black Team finished in 104th position, showing the strong depth in our age group swimmers.

Although we had two teams entered into the event, we decided to run the event across 4 lanes with boys and girls from each of the teams competing alongside each other during the individual events for some added excitement. This provided an extra element of competition on the night and points were awarded per event to give an overall winner.

Final points were as follows,

  1. Girls Yellow - 43 points

  2. Boys Yellow - 36 points

  3. Girls Black - 20 points

  4. Boys Black - 20 points

The effort that our swimmers put into each and every race was simply outstanding, with some fantastic technical swims, as well as some excellent skills in each event. We were most proud of our age groupers for demonstrating team spirit for not just the team they were a part of, but for all of their Swindon Dolphin teammates across the two teams.

We are now looking forward to Round 2, which will take place on Friday 18th June. We will be aiming to finish higher up the National Arena Junior Swimming League Leaderboard.


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