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County Qualifiers 2025

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Holly Marchington

Imogen Beard

Isaac Shepard

Jayden Benjafield

Kelsey Hillier

Lucie Prior

Maisie Marchington

Molly Hunt

Oscar Crowley

Pippa Wall

Reuben Matthews

Saanvi Tapadar

Sumo Nagar

Toby Stather

Victoria Chukwuma

Vlad Morar

Emma Spinks

Ezzy Mckoy

Flora Wigmore

Florence Andrews

Grace Dule

Harriet Jones

Harry Owens

Aashman Singh

Alex Naisby

Amelia Naisby

Caitlyn Hillier

Cole Parker

Elliot Couchman

Elijah Dunn

Elise Stather

31 Qualifiers based on County consideration times achieved as at 09/06/2024
(Number of qualifiers in 2021-2022: 65, Number of qualifiers in 2022-2023: 86, Number of qualifiers in 2023-2024: 72)

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