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Welfare Officer

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Lara Crowley

This role of our Welfare Officers is essential in providing a first point of contact for children, parents and adults within the club who have a child safeguarding or welfare concern.

In partnership with the club committee, the Welfare Officers ensure that the club is adopting and implementing child safeguarding policy and procedures which are necessary for it to demonstrate its duty of care to children.

The Welfare Officers are the first point of contact for club staff, volunteers, young people and parents for any issues concerning child welfare, poor practice or potential or alleged abuse.

The officers will act independently and in the best interests of a child at the club, putting their needs above that of others and the club itself.

The Welfare Officers will ensure confidentiality is maintained and information is only shared on a need to know basis.

Our Welfare Officers are and can be contacted via email

There are other organisations who can also assist if you need help:




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