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2009 AGM Review

The 2009 Swindon Dolphin Annual General Meeting took place on Tuesday 3rd November at St Francis School, Taw Hill.

Louise Clayton delivered her first Chief Coach report in which she outlined her vision and plans for the future of Swindon Dolphin, asserting her strong belief in the huge potential in the Club and its swimmers.  There was also praise for the level of support given to the Club by non-swimming members, and a plea for all members to offer support in whatever way they feel they can.

Presenting the year end accounts, Martin Butler confirmed that the clubs finances were in an acceptable position and the meeting accepted his proposal for a minimal rise in squad fees for next year.

Following her first full year as Chairman, Gabby Clark delivered her report which centred largely around Sx3.  Re-affirming her commitment to Dolphin’s involvement in The Squad, the Chairman also praised those directly involved for the progress made over the past few years in bringing the Swindon clubs closer together.

The Executive Committee goes into the new year largely unchanged from 2009 with the notable addition of Sarah Forbes as Club Captain and Alistair Berry.

The meeting closed with a word of thanks from the Chairman to Glenys Lock who came to the end of her two years as Club President, handing over the chain of office to Tessa Farr for the next term.


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