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Sun Shines on Swindon Dolphin Open Water Club Champs / Summer BBQ

On Saturday 24th August, Swindon Dolphin hosted their 3rd Open Water Club Champs and Summer BBQ. This had been originally planned for earlier in June but had to be postponed due to weather conditions. The day couldn’t have been better, with wall to wall sunshine and temperatures hitting 27 degrees lakeside.

The lake temp had also risen to a very comfortable 21.9 degrees, meaning all swims would be without wetsuits in Lake 32. Following the Safety Briefing and a small army of volunteers from the club taking to the water on SUP and in Kayaks for added support, it was a green light to start the swimming activities following a lake side warmup.

As done in previous years, the clubs youngsters were first in with a “dash & splash”, closely followed by the 200m and 400m events. To keep some of the youngsters company on their first Open Water swims, some of the clubs Masters swam the course with them.

When everyone had made it back, the larger group of swimmers started their 750m and 1500m events. Just one of the club swimmers took on the greater 3km race this year and started with the 200m and 400m swimmers so they could finish around the same time as the last events.

The event was organized by Swindon Dolphin’s Open Water Secretary Jason Tait and Social Secretary Glenys Lock with Jason adding:

“It was a great event to be part of, now in its third consecutive year. The range of swimmers taking part was fantastic to see, from some of the youngest swimmers in the club through to seasoned masters. The main focus for me as open water lead at Swindon Dolphin has always been about getting the younger swimmers interested in the sport of open water, showing them there is more to swimming than 4 walls, lane ropes and black lines. This is now starting to show its legacy with our 12/13 year olds putting in some great racing on the evening in the 1500m event without a hint of trepidation, even with a close contact dive start thrown in this year. Soon our youngest 8 year olds now will eventually translate into those confident 12/13 year olds and boost the clubs open water future. I was extremely proud of all the swimmers and it made all the hard work worth it on the day. A great team effort and camaraderie was seen throughout the day from swimmers, parents and helpers. Thanks for making it an amazing event."

Overall Results (includes TT) :

3000m = Kerry Rutherford (F)

1500m = Freddie Carter (M) , Sarah Forbes (F)

750m = Lucas Carter (M), Katie Stratford (F)

400m = Stanley Belcher (M), Maya Tait (F)

200m = Alexander Raszpla (M), Romaney Wall (F)

Note: Age Group results will be available soon and used for the Club Champs Presentation Night.

Glenys commented:

“This wouldn’t have been possible or as successful as it has without the help from the clubs volunteers including Pat Stratford, Teresa Masters and Sarah Forbes, Dean Fouracre, Kay Foster and my husband Chris. A big thank you for all your help, not forgetting Tony Stratford, Sue Stares, Abbie Crook for officiating plus Lauren Matthews, Gerry Kane and the many parents who helped on the lake to ensure the safety of the swimmers.

I would also like to thank Nigel and Teresa Masters for sponsoring the event and revenue raised will help go towards the cost of hiring the lake. It was a lovely afternoon and everyone enjoyed themselves, also great to see some young swimmers having a fun swim in the lake with the parents watching and cheering from lakeside on what was a fantastic day and a superb venue. Looking forward to next year now.”

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