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Butler, Pilsworth and Chantler-Mayne star in Swim Channel Badge Night

Location: Milton Road

Event: June 2007 Swim Channel Badge Night

Date: 01 June 2007

… Gold Badge Winners …

Under the ever watchful eyes of referee Richard Moorhouse and Swindon Dolphin Swimming Development officer Steve Cryer, 44 young swimmers from the Swim Channel Programme demonstrated their speed and technique at the Badge Night last Friday.

Each swimmer completed one length of all 4 strokes and many attempted the 4X1 length Individual Medley. Some fantastic times were achieved and collectively 34 silver and 44 bronze awards were won. The highlight of the evening was the gold badge award swims from Andrew Butler, Alex Chantler-Mayne and Teddy Pilsworth who all went under 12.8 seconds in the one length freestyle.

Swimming Development Officer Steve Cryer

Steve Cryer said afterwards “It really is an exciting time. The Swindon Dolphin Swim Channel is producing some very good youngsters. We’re focussing on developing the key skills in each stroke and, although they all have a long way to go, the progress is there for all to see. Early days, but the signs indicate a bright future for our up and coming stars.”

Some of the Swim Channel Swimmers who particapated in the Badge Night


Swim Channel is Swindon Dolphin’s Learn to Swim programme providing structured lessons as per the National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS) levels 1 to 10. Lessons are delivered by ASA qualified and registered swimming teachers. For more information about joining Swim Channel: or call Bridgett Tubb on 07767 745779.

Source: Swindon Dolphin Press Team


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