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Dolphin A Win Round Four of Moonraker

Date: Saturday 9th September 2007 Location: Link Centre Event: Moonraker Summer League Round 4

Dolphin A came first in the fourth round of the Moonraker Summer League with 3 points to spare over local rivals Tigersharks A at the Link Centre on Saturday Night; Trowbridge A were third and Swindon Dolphin B finished fourth.

Tigersharks A won the overall competition with Dolphin A finishing second.

Dolphin A recorded 24 wins in the 50 event gala – Jon Audis had three individual successes and Tilly Gray had two. Niall Westman was the only winner for Dolphin B.

Tilly Gray

R4 Result: Dolphin A – 161 points, Tigersharks A – 158 points, Trowbridge A – 116 points, Dolphin B – 65 points.

Overall Result: Tigersharks A – 623 points, Dolphin A – 605 points, Trowbridge A – 514 points, Dolphin B – 258 points.

Meanwhile, Dolphin C finished third overall in Division four behind Warminister and Wootton Bassett with Melksham fourth.

Source: Swindon Dolphin Press Team


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