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Dolphin “B” Bounce Back at Corsham

Event:  Moonraker Summer League Division 2 Final Venue:  Corsham Date:  12th September 2009

Following a disappointing result in the penultimate round of the Moonraker Summer League Division 2, Swindon Dolphin B Team were just one point off the relegation zone going into the final at Corsham Leisure Centre.

Open swimmers Cathal Westman and Elizabeth Beckett both made their mark on the opening 100m individual medley events, finishing second and first respectively, with Beckett going on to record a full house of individual wins in the 100m butterfly and 100m breaststroke.

As the contest progressed it became clear that Dolphin were on course to avoid relegation and their target moved towards a possible runner-up finish on the night.  After ten events, with Salisbury already clearly ahead, Dolphin were tied in second place with Chippenham.  Slipping to third place on event eleven, they remained there by just a few points up to event forty.  However, some strong performance by Chippenham in the last ten races left Dolphin finishing in third place but comfortably ahead of Corsham.

Top Dolphin relay performers on the night were the girls under 12 team of Lucy Bailey, Louise Gardo, Maddie Easter, Joanna Farley and Kayleigh Bartlett and the under 14’s of Lauren Matthews, Charlotte Gardo, Abbie Easter and Gina Popal.  Both teams recorded wins in both their medley and freestyle team events and there were individual wins from Charlotte Gardo (50m breaststroke and 50m butterfly) and Maddie Easter (50m butterfly).

For Louise Clayton, this was her first chance to see Dolphin swimmers in action.  With the team comprising of swimmers across all training squads, the gala gave the newly appointed chief coach a useful insight into the swimmers’ racing skills and their development requirements to ensure future success.

Final gala result:  Salisbury 154, Chippenham 130, Swindon Dolphin B  120, Corsham A 96

Overall division 2 result:  Salisbury 470, Chippenham 411, Swindon Dolphin B 318, Corsham A 293


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