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Dolphin ‘C’ Third at Malborough

Swindon Dolphin ‘C’ team put in a strong third round performance in Division 4 of the Moonraker Summer League at Marlborough last night, recording 21 top two finishes in the 50 event gala.

There were some superb wins for the open swimmers – Sarah Baker took the 100m IM and breaststroke, Matt Rose won the 100m backstroke and breaststroke, and Miriam Bermingham was first in the 100m backstroke. The men’s freestyle and women’s medley relay foursomes were also triumphant.

William Pilsworth in the boys’ under 12 butterfly, was the only other winner but there were notable individual second place finishes from Alex Johanson-Brown, Doug Alexander, Gemma Lucas, Helen Hanks, Emily Dixon, Emma Coleman, Bermingham and Pilsworth.

The final round takes place on 13th of September at Corsham.

Results: Marlborough – 157 points, Wooton Bassett – 130, Swindon Dolphin C – 115, Corsham – 93

Source: Swindon Dolphin Press Team


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