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Dolphin Continue to Set the Pace

Swindon Dolphin continue to show fine form in their first season in the National league.  The team followed up their two victories three weeks ago with a further three dominant performances in the latest round of fixtures at Sheffield.

The opening match of the weekend saw a comfortable victory over Newcastle by 17-9 with Steve Margetts scoring nine times.  Other contributions came from Rhys Tamlyn (4), Rob Toolen (2) and Matt James and Diogo Monteiro with single strikes.

Sunday was the clash of the weekend.  Squaring up against Bristol University, the other undefeated league three team, Dolphin dominated the contest throughout.  The team led from the first minute and won by seven clear goals despite the team conceding 14 major’s fouls.  Goal scorers were Andy Margetts (5), Steve Margetts (5), Rhys Tamlyn (3), Andy Hicks (2), Matt James, Michal Trzeciak, Diogo Monteiro.

The final game of the weekend should have been a comfortable victory against the RAF.  However the team were clearly showing signs of fatigue following the big clash against Bristol and the opposition had the lead at the end of the first quarter.  Swindon kept their cool and battled to victory at the final whistle.  Goals this time came from Andy Margetts (6), Rhys Tamlyn (4), Steve Margetts (3) and Rob Toolen, Matt James, Diogo Monteiro (2).

Swindon are still in second in the table after the second weekend’s action. The team trails Cambridge on goal difference but with the two sides meeting in two weeks at Walsall, this is bound to change.

Top goals scorer of the weekend Steve Margetts (17 goals) commented “We knew the Bristol game was the big one.  All the lads came to the party and carried out their individual jobs perfectly.  We know we have a tough encounter in two weeks time; however as long as we show the same commitment as we have this weekend we have a real chance of another positive set of results”.Result:  Swindon Dolphin  17-9  Newcastle              Swindon Dolphin  18-11  Bristol University              Swindon Dolphin  19-14  RAF

Weekend Stats:  James Farror (3 Apps, 0 G, 0 majors), David Quinlivan (3 Apps, 0 G, 2 M), Andy Margetts (3 Apps, 11 G, 5 M), Andy Hicks (2 Apps, 2 G, 3 M), Steve Margetts (3 Apps 17 G, 6 M), Rhys Tamlyn (3 Apps, 11 G, 0 M), Ian Brewer (3 Apps, 0 G, 0 M), Matt James (3 Apps, 4 G, 2 M), Diogo Monteiro (3 Apps, 4 G, 2 M), Rob Toolen (3 Apps, 4 G, 5 M), Michal Trzeciak (3 Apps, 1 G, 0 M), James Bowden (3 Apps, 0 G, 1 M)

Source: Swindon Dolphin Press Team


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