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Dolphin Dominate Winter League Opener

Event:  Moonraker Winter League, Round 1 Venue:  Salisbury (A Team), Trowbridge (B Team), Link Centre (C Team) Date:  21st November 2009

The opening round of the Moonraker Winter League took place last Saturday with Dolphin fielding three teams in the 39 event relay competition.

The C team were on familiar home ground at the Link Centre and put up some excellent performances which included eight first places and 14 runner-up spots.  A well drilled Wootton Bassett team took most of the evening’s victories and put them in first place on the night with Dolphin 18 points behind in second and Westbury in third.

Final points:  Wootton Bassett 189  Swindon Dolphin C 171  Westbury 130  Corsham B 129  Swindon ASC 110  Trowbridge C 78

Dolphin B team had their work cut out in their meet at Trowbridge.  Some good performances could only manage lower places and an overall fourth place finish against the stronger competition including Trowbridge A, Chippenham and Bradford-on-Avon.

Final Points:  Trowbridge A 221  Chippenham 166  Bradford-on-Avon 165  Swindon Dolphin B 107 Warminster 84  Wroughton 71

The big guns of Dolphin A were on show at Salisbury and despite a shaky start in the first few events soon had the first places rolling in.  Merciless performances reaped 25 first place finishes, and only dropping out of the top three on two occasions ensured a considerable winning margin over the meet’s other top contenders Salisbury and Tigersharks.

Final Points: Swindon Dolphin A 251  Salisbury 215  Tigersharks A 215  Corsham A 142  Marlborough 121  Trowbridge B 82  Durrington 65

The other preliminary rounds of the competition take place on 23rd January and 13th March with the finals taking place on 27th March.


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