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Dolphin Girls ‘Race For Life’

Last week Swindon Dolphin swimmers took to the pool for a day of 5K relays in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

On Saturday 16th June the 5K will be on dry land as a team of Dolphin swimmers put their running shoes on and take part in the Race For Life for Cancer Research UK.

The team of Louise Maynard, Andrea Alleyne, Kath Baker, Jose Prunty, Emma Missen, Mel Aguis, Sarah Baker, Milly Unalan, Katie Hall, Lucy Bouverie-Brine, Hannah Chapman, Miriam Bermingham, Sarah-Jayne Morgan and Dani Harris will be donning swim suits and drag shorts and hoping that their land training has prepared them for a run the equivalent of an average training session in the pool.

The girls are dedicating the run to Luke Herbert. You can help them by sponsorship and by cheering them on. The race starts at 2pm and is held at Lydiard Country Park. If you go along on the day, perhaps wear your Swindon Dolphin T Shirt so the girls can see you.

Source: Swindon Dolphin Press Team


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