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Dolphin in the open water

Event: Wiltshire County ASA Open Water Championships Venue: Cotswold Water Park Date: 23rd June 2013

Dolphin retained a strong presence at this year’s Wiltshire County ASA Open Water Championships at Lake 32, Cotswold Water Park winning all four championship titles and seven of the 13 age group categories.

Despite overall entry numbers being lower than in recent years, 30 competotors from Swindon Dolphin, Melksham, Malmesbury, Corsham, Bradford on Avon, Tigersharks and St Marys School took to the 17 degree lake on what was a slightly warmer afternoon than the previous few days.

Dolphin’s county open water competitors

An undeniable attraction of open water is its unpredictability particularly amongst swimmers more used to the comfort of a black line and brightly coloured lane ropes to keep them on track.  Butterfly national qualifier Lauren Matthews led the women’s 1500m from the outset but an incorrect turn at the halfway point allowed team-mate Danielle Lewis through to win both the junior and senior championship titles.  Open water aficionado Helen Hanks made light work of the event finishing in third place overall amongst the girls and picking up gold in the over 40’s age group.

In the men’s 1500m event, Mathew Sambrook enjoyed a convincing win ahead of Corsham’s Stuart Gibbs.  Dolphin’s Jake Lewis finished in third place overall to also take the junior title.  Masters swimmer John Cholod took gold in the over 40’s as did 11 year old Callum Marriot in the boy’s 750m event.


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