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Dolphin Jet off to South Africa

Off to South Africa …

14 swimmers and 5 team officials flew out today for the club’s 2008 high altitude, warm weather, training camp at the High Performance Centre in Pretoria – South Africa’s elite performance sports venue with its unique blend of world class training facilities, specific expertise and hospitality. For 8 days the swimmers will prepare for the remainder of the season by following a comprehensive pool schedule consisting of 38 hours of long course work and a land based training programme, designed by Chief Coach, Andi Manley. In between these sessions there will be time for some fun and relaxation as well with 2 full days of leisure and tour activities, including a safari day trip to the Pilansberg National Park, the largest game resettlement project in the history of South Africa which boasts virtually all the animal and bird species of Southern Africa.


Mel Agius

Andrea Alleyne

Jon Audis

Kath Baker

Elizabeth Beckett

Miriam Birmingham

Tilly Gray

Dani Harris

Chris Jones

Louise Maynard

Jose Prunty

Nick Southern

Mark Tanner

Cathal Westman

Source: Swindon Dolphin Press Team


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