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Dolphin Regain Moonraker Division 1 Title

Having last won the Moonraker Summer League in 2005, Swindon Dolphin regained their position as Division 1 Champions at the Link on Saturday.  Going into the final round as clear favourites after winning all three previous rounds, the Dolphin ‘A’ Team won 24 races and took 15 runner up spots in the 50 event gala.

The most successful age group was the U16 boys quartet of Liam Herbert, Cathal Westman, Joe Kerslake and George Bouverie-Brine who stormed to victory in all four individual races and both relays.  Hot on their heels were the U12 boys with five out of six wins.

Division 1 Round 4 Result: Dolphin A – 165 points, Trowbridge A – 138 points, Tigersharks A – 133 points, Chippenham – 54 points

Division 1 Overall Result: Dolphin A – 625 points, Tigersharks A – 536 points, Trowbridge A – 523 points, Chippenham – 288 points

Both ‘B’ and ‘C Teams were also in action in divisions 2 and 4 respectively, both securing creditable third places overall.

The ‘B’ Team came up against strong opposition from Bradford-on-Avon and Salisbury, managing just one hard earned individual victory from Dani Harris in the open 100m butterfly, and one relay win for the boys U12 freestyle team of Jon Fouracre, Adam Coleman, Alex Chantler and Lewis Ford.

Division 2 Round 4 Result: Bradford-on-Avon – 181 points, Salisbury – 150 points, Dolphin B – 96 points, Tigersharks B – 92 points

Division 2 Overall Result: Bradford-on-Avon – 633 points, Salisbury – 573 points, Dolphin B – 426 points, Tigersharks B – 363 points

Corsham was the setting for the ‘C’ Team Division 4 encounter which saw them leading up to event 15.  With all four competing teams taking their share of victories throughout the evening, it was Marlborough who shone through in the end to win the gala and secure the Division 4 Title.  Dolphin’s depth in the open boys age category showed as Andrew Bilko, Matt Rose, Doug Alexander and Andy Alexander won both their relay events and between them two of the five individuals.

Division 4 Round 4 Result: Marlborough A – 139 points, Wootton Bassett – 126 points, Dolphin C – 123 points, Corsham B  – 111 points

Division 4 Overall Result: Marlborough A – 613 points, Wootton Bassett – 521 points, Dolphin C – 431 points, Corsham B  – 409 points


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