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Dolphin Sail Through Second Round

Event:  National Arena League Western Division, Division 3, Round 2 Venue: Kingswood Leisure Centre Date: 13th November 2010

Swindon Dolphin won the second round of the their Arena League third division clash with relative ease at a lively Kingswood Leisure centre on Saturday.

With the line up comprising of all “A” teams, the overall standard was much higher than the first round and mounting the blocks alongside unfamiliar opposition, there was no room for complacency as some swimmers almost found to their cost.

As well as many clear margin wins, there were also some close run battles with Dolphin’s fitness and back end speed pulling them through.  The 77 point winning margin confirms that Dolphin are well on track to commence their ascent back up the Arena League divisions over the next few years.

Division 3 Round 2 Points: Swindon Dolphin 238, Celtic Sharks 161, Chepstow & District 151, Bristol Penguins 115, Clayesmore 84


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