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Dolphin Slip to Narrow Defeat

Swindon Dolphin’s winning streak in the Bristol & West Water Polo League came to an end on Sunday when they were narrowly beaten by a strong Exeter side.

For the first time this season Dolphin started the fixture extremely slowly.  Exeter were much quicker out of the blocks and managed to take more of their chances.

Swindon’s performance picked up in the second quarter, mainly due to the team’s ability to start dictating the pace of the match which up that point Exeter really had total control of.

At the half way point the scores were tied and the third quarter was where Swindon effectively lost the encounter. By opening up a three goal lead, Exeter comfortably won by five goals to two.  Swindon came back strong but were unable to level the match up and at full time had lost by 11 goals to 12.

Goals were spread throughout the team.  Contributions came from Andy Hicks (3), Matt James and Chris Selby (2), Michal Trzeciak, David Quinlivan, Diogo Monteiro and Ian Brewer (1).

Michal Trzeciak said after the match “This was always going to be a close encounter.   We started far too slowly and ultimately paid the price for that.  We need to learn from this and ensure that we start games at full pace and ensure we dominate them.”

Result:  Swindon Dolphin 11 – 12 Exeter

Team: Andy Watts (1 major), David Quinlivan (1 goal, 1 major), Chris Selby (2 goals), Andy Hicks (3 goals, 1 major), Andy Prowse, Andy Snowball (1 major), Ian Brewer (1 goal, 1 major), Matt James (2 goals, 1 major), Diogo Monteiro (1 goal, 1 major), Mark Lawlor, Michal Trzeciak (1 goal, 1 major), Angelo Polymeris (1 major).


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