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First 2010 Dolphin NQT for Lizzie

Elizabeth Beckett bagged the first Swindon Dolphin 2010 national qualifying time last weekend with a superb 100m breaststroke swim at Ponds Forge, Sheffield.  Competing as part of the Wiltshire County Team in Division 1 of the British Gas ASA National County Team Championships, Beckett’s recent form in the 100m breaststroke did not suggest that an NQT was on the cards.  A previous short course best of 1:15.78 back in March 2008 and only 1:16’s and 1:17’s since gave no indication of the 1:13.37 that would transpire on the day, a full two seconds inside the qualifying mark.

Other Dolphins competing for the County were James Clark, Charlotte Pitts, Mathew Sambrook, Samantha Berry, Niall Westman and Joe Kerslake.

Having been promoted to division 1 two years ago, it was always going to be difficult for the Team to maintain this position, and the overall 19th place finish means a return to division 2 competition next year.

For a full report on the Wiltshire County Team’s performance, visit


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