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Hanks warms up for Cold Water Champs

Helen Hanks continued her preparation for the Cold Water championship with a first place finish at the Brass Monkey swim at Sandford Park Lido in Cheltenham, completing the 500M event in a time of 7:41.42. With the water temperature at around 3 degrees centigrade it would be entirely wrong to call it a warm up.

For the Brass Monkey event wetsuits are worn, offering some protection against the cold. At the Cold Water championships it is just swimsuits. So if you think that the Milton Road pool is cold, remember that it is like a hot bath compared to a swim in an outdoor swim in January dressed only in a regular swimming costume.

Hanks ~ Brass Monkey Champ

The Cold Water championship takes place at Tooting Bec Lido in South London on 26th January. Hanks competes in both the team and individual events. To read more about the championship check out


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