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Jones Smashes a Wiltshire Record

From the archive, first published Thursday 8th Feb 2007.

COMMONWEALTH Games bronze medallist Chris Jones shattered a 20-year-old Wiltshire record at Milton Road at the weekend.

The Swindon Dolphin, who picked up bronze in the men’s 4x50m relay at Melbourne in March, smashed the age-group best time, senior age group best time and south west record to claim gold in the breaststroke championship.

Jones also dominated the butterfly championship, powering past Michael Edmundson and Ben Matthews to claim the win.

Other highlights included Tigersharks’ Laura Young, 14, and Natalie Montezuma, 15, claiming junior and senior doubles in the breaststroke and backstroke respectively and Dolphin Noah Kirby claiming a clean sweep in the nine-year age-groups.

Nigel Masters and Jon Audis made it a one, two, three for Dolphins in the breastroke championship, while Dean Williamson and Miles Hickman shared top spot in the junior event.

Tigersharks’ James Magness, 14, won his age-group and junior championship while Audis just beat Lee in a thrilling championship finale.

Lauren Elias, 10, took breaststroke gold in her age-group and Katie Carter won the 11 years in a new AGBT. Laura Young, 14, of Tigersharks won in a new AGBT while Natalie Montezuma, also of Tigersharks claimed gold in the 15’s.

Andrea Alleyne of Dolphin won the 17/18’s & Louise Maynard snatched Gold in the 19 and over.

The boys’ Butterfly saw Dolphins’ Noah Kirby, 9, take his second gold of the morning, with Kane Baker, Tigersharks, also taking his second gold of the day in the 11’s.

Harry Ash won the 12s, Cathal Westman of Dolphin the 13’s, and Jack Crow the 14’s. Alex Jones of Tigersharks claimed the 15’s, Aaron Lee, Tigersharks, the 16’s and James Price, Wroughton, the 17/18’s. Alex Jones won the junior championship.

Samantha Berry of Dolphin was a clear winner in the 10’s front crawl and Briony Merritt, Tigersharks, snatched the gold in the 11’s.

Natalie Montezuma, Tigersharks, powered to victory in the 15’s in a new AGBT, JAGBT and JWR and Mel Agius of Dolphin proved she was an all-rounder as she ploughed to the gold in the 16 years.

Andrea Alleyne, Dolphin, took gold in the 17/18’s and Sarah Christmas of Swindon ASC was victorious in the 19 years and over.

Berry also won gold in the backstroke, with Tigershark’s Luisana Toner, 9, Briony Merritt, 11, Lauren Jones, 12, Sophie Hawkins, 14, Natalie Montezuma, 15, Rachael Steele, 17, and Sarah Christmas, 19 and over, other winners.

Mel Agius of Dolphin matched the feat in the 16’s. Montezuma also won the junior championship and championship double.

Noah Kirby completed his hat trick as he cruised to victory in the 9 years breastroke,

The 11 and 12 year old age groups saw breaststroke supremo’s James Clark and Cathal Westman both win with ease with Westman shattering the previous AGBT.

Sam Clayton of Tigersharks was victorious in the 14’s with Miles Hickman of Corsham and Dean Williamson of Tigersharks sharing the spoils at the top in the 15 years. Ian Atkinson of Wroughton claimed another top spot in the 17/18 years.

The Junior Championships once again saw Dean Williamson and Miles Hickman sharing the top spot with Cathal Westman, Alex Jones and Sam Clayton taking the minor places.

Chloe Flower scored her hat-trick as she cruised to victory in the nine years butterfly and Samantha Berry took gold in the 10 year age group in an AGBT.

Sophie Roberts, Tigersharks, won the 11s, while Stephanie Bremner doubled her tally of gold’s in the 12’s.

Tilly Gray of Dolphin smashed the AGBT and JWR in the 15 years and teammate Mel Agius took gold in the 16’s. Andrea Alleyne won the 17/18’s title and Sarah Christmas, Swindon ASC, was unstoppable in the 19 years and over.

Tilly Gray beat Natalie Montezuma to gold in the junior championship, with Mel Agius sprinting to victory in the championship.

The boys freestyle saw nine-year-old Noah Kirby make it a clean sweep over all strokes to win his freestyle age-group while Kane Baker of Tigersharks took his third gold medal of the day in the 11’s.

Matthew Jones of Tigersharks took gold in the 14’s. Alex Jones, Tigersharks, was on top in the 15’s, Aaron Lee, Tigersharks, in the 16’s and Ian Atkinson in the 17/18’s. Swindon Dolphin head coach Andi Manley was an easy winner in the 19 years and over. The Junior Championship was won by Alex Jones of Tigersharks

Dolphins dominated the championship final with Andi Manley stamping his authority over the race followed by Chris Jones, Ben Matthews, Nigel Masters and Jon Audis.

Tigersharks’ junior mixed medley team stormed to victory setting a new age-group best time by five seconds set the previous year. Dolphin A were in 2nd with Tigersharks B in 3rd.

The afternoon session saw Swindon Dolphins Open Mixed Medley team too strong for Tigersharks as they took the race in a winning time of 2:34.22.

From the archive © Newsquest Media Group 2007


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