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Luke Herbert – Funeral Arrangements

Luke’s funeral will be on Monday 25th June at 12 noon and it will be held at Kingsdown Crematorium.

In line with Luke’s wishes, it will be a half hour humanist ceremony and mourners are asked not to wear black.

People are more than welcome to attend, but they need not feel that they have to if they would rather not.

Rather than flowers, the family would prefer donations to go to CLIC Sargent and CALM – two organisations that have helped Luke tremendously over the last two years.

As much as we would love to invite everyone to our home afterwards, it would appear that due to the large number of people indicating that they want to be in attendance, we are going to have to limit it to Luke’s family, school, college and swimming friends. Nevertheless, we appreciate the show of support.

Kind regards,

Sally and Steve



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