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Mixed Fortunes for A and B Teams in Moonraker Round 1

The first round of the Moonraker Winter League kicked off last weekend with seven teams including Dolphin A and B competing at the Five Rivers Leisure Centre, Salisbury.

Under the watchful eye of an enthusiastic Chief Coach Andi Manley, Dolphin A got off to a good start, staying ahead on points up to about the mid-way point.  Two disqualifications in quick succession lost them their slender lead from which they never recovered, finishing the gala in third place close behind Chippenham and Salisbury.

The B Team had very mixed fortunes.  Largely up against some strong A teams, they had to settle for lower places on most events, but the girls under 13 quintet of Lydia Harper, Bethani Crouch, Stephanie Dabbs, Emily Dixon and Gemma Lucas put in some fine team performances to touch home first on three occasions; their team’s only victories on the night.

The next round of the competition takes place on 10th January 2009.

Round 1 Result:  Chippenham 207.5  Salisbury 204  Swindon Dolphin A 196  Wroughton 152  Trowbridge B 119.5  Swindon Dolphin B 104  Warminster 95


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