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Mixed fortunes for Dolphin in season opener

Event: Moonraker Summer League Round 4 Venue: Salisbury (A Team), Trowbridge (B Team), Corsham (C Team) Date: 17th September 2011

With five weeks of training behind them, last weekend was Dolphin’s first opportunity to put the work into practice at the finals of the Moonraker Summer League.

In division one, Dolphin’s A team were at Milton Road and with the four teams finishing in the identical position at the end of each of the three previous rounds, the final overall result was almost inevitable.  Trowbridge A clearly upped their game on the night finishing as clear winners with Tigersharks A in second place and Dolphin A in third.  The overall competition result was a victory for Trowbridge A with Dolphin A taking the runners up spot.

Division 1 fourth round scores: Trowbridge A 159, Tigersharks A 136, Swindon Dolphin A 121, Chippenham 84 Division 1 final league scores: Trowbridge A 600, Swindon Dolphin A 524, Tigersharks A 499, Chippenham 371

Dolphin’s C team went into the division 4 final round at Durrington lying in fourth place and needed a good show to avoid relegation.  However, despite some spirited swims and close finishes, a fourth place on the night meant finishing in the bottom spot overall.  A well drilledMarlboroughwere first on the night and clear division winners overall.

Division 4 fourth round scores: Marlborough 167, Westbury 121, Durrington 119, Swindon Dolphin C 92 Division 4 final league scores: Marlborough 648, Westbury 462, Durrington 439, Swindon Dolphin C 407

The division 3 final took place at Warminster with Dolphin B clear favourites to take the title having won the first three rounds.  With a performance to match the previous rounds, the team performed extremely well, producing multiple personal best swims; the ultimate aim being to transfer these improvements to the forthcoming open meets for qualification to county, regional or national competition.

Division 3 fourth round scores: Swindon Dolphin B 145, Wroughton 123, Warminster 116, Wootton Bassett 111 Division 3 final league scores: Swindon Dolphin B 571.5, Wroughton 501, Wootton Bassett 496.5, Warminster 406

Swindon Dolphin B ~ Moonraker Summer League 2012 Division 3 Champions


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