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Moonraker Championship Hat-Trick for Dolphin A

Event: Moonraker Summer League Round 4 Venue: Link Centre (A Team), Milton Road (B Team), Corsham (C Team) Date: 11th September 2010

Wiltshire’s premiere team competition, The Moonraker Summer League, drew to a conclusion on Saturday with the final rounds taking place across the county.  With many of the top Clubs providing more than one team, it ensured that as many swimmers as possible were able to take part in this exciting contest.

The Division 1 final took place at the Link Centre with Dolphin A winning 24 of the 50 events to ensure victory on the night and the overall Championship for a third consecutive year.

Division 1 fourth round scores: Swindon Dolphin A 161, Trowbridge A 145, Salisbury 98, Bradford-on-Avon A 94 Division 1 final league scores: Swindon Dolphin A 632, Trowbridge A 583, Salisbury 400, Bradford-on-Avon A 375

Dolphin B were in action in the Division 2 final at Milton Road.   They came up against formidable competition particularly from Corsham A who had clearly raised their game in a bid to remain in the division, going into the contest just five points clear of Dolphin B who were languishing in fourth place.  Dolphin could not hold off the challenge and remained in the same position throughout the evening, with the contest and overall division 2 award going to Tigersharks.

Division 2 fourth round scores: Tigersharks 171, Chippenham 125, Corsham A 117, Swindon Dolphin B 88 Division 2 final league scores: Tigersharks 637, Chippenham 496, Corsham A 447, Swindon Dolphin B 413

Corsham B hosted the Division 4 final at their home pool against Melksham and Swindon based Dolphin C and league leaders Wroughton.  Despite finishing in fourth place on the night, Dolphin C managed to retain their overall second place with Wroughton finishing as worthy division 4 winners.

Division 4 fourth round scores: Wroughton 171, Corsham B 127, Melksham 105, Swindon Dolphin C 92 Division 4 final league scores: Wroughton 683, Swindon Dolphin C 488, Corsham B 447, Melksham 305

Dolphin’s competition season starts in earnest next weekend with what should be a fiercely contested Club Championships.  All swimmers will be looking to record some respectable early season benchmark times before embarking on their own individual goals for the season ahead.


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