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Moonraker Episode III

Event: Moonraker Summer League Round 3 Venue: Salisbury (A Team), Link Centre (B Team), Trowbridge (C Team) Date: 3rd July 2010

The penultimate round of the Moonraker Summer League took place last Saturday with all competing teams facing their respective league counterparts for the third time in as many months.

Dolphin A unsurprisingly extended their overall division 1 lead with a 12 point win over second placed Trowbridge A whilst Dolphin C consolidated their second place in division 4 with a second place to runaway winners Wroughton and now look virtually certain to remain in the group next year.

By contrast Dolphin B had something to fight for, going into the round in the fourth place relegation zone, 16 points behind Corsham A.  A superb team effort and fine individual performances ensured a creditable third on the night and although still in fourth place overall, a similar show in September should see continued division 2 action next season.

Division 1 third round scores:  Swindon Dolphin A 157, Trowbridge A 145, Salisbury 100, Bradford-on-Avon 97

Division 1 overall league scores: Swindon Dolphin A 471, Trowbridge A 438, Salisbury 302, Bradford-on-Avon 281

Division 2 third round scores: Tigersharks 160, Chippenham 118, Swindon Dolphin B 116, Corsham A 105

Division 2 overall league scores: Tigersharks 466, Chippenham 371, Corsham A 330, Swindon Dolphin B 325

Division 4 third round scores: Wroughton 170, Swindon Dolphin C 117, Melksham 110, Corsham B 101

Division 4 overall league scores: Wroughton 512, Swindon Dolphin C 396, Corsham B 320, Melksham 200


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