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Moonraker…it’s only just begun

Event:  Moonraker Winter League, Round 1 Venue: Link Centre / Devizes Date: 20th November 2010

The first round of this year’s 39 event, all-relay Moonraker Winter League got underway last weekend.  Dolphin’s A and B teams were racing at the Link Centre, whilst Dolphin C were at Devizes.

Expectations were high for defending champions Dolphin A as the Link fell silent for the first event of the evening, but it was an on-form Tigersharks A that took a firm grip on proceedings by winning the first four events.  Despite a few runs of first places for Dolphin A, too many lower placed finishes and two disqualifications resulted in a Tigersharks A win with Dolphin A in second place.  Dolphin B inevitably found the going tough, but enjoyed a few near moments of glory finishing just one place behind their A team counterparts in five events and finishing the overall contest just ahead of last placed Wootton Bassett.

By contrast, a rampant Dolphin C team were in fine form at Devizes winning 23 events with many swimmers showing a determination in their performances that firmly justified their overall victory on the night.

Despite an evening of mixed fortunes for Dolphin, as all followers of the Moonraker Winter League will know, anything can happen, and it could still be anyone’s trophy right up until the final leg of the final event on 19th March 2011.

Link Centre Round 1 Points: Tigersharks A 200.5, Swindon Dolphin A 175, Chippenham 169.5, Corsham A 133, Swindon Dolphin B 72, Wootton Bassett 63

Devizes Round 1 Points: Swindon Dolphin C 120, Swindon ASC 109, Trowbridge B 79, Devizes 68


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