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Moonraker Moves into Second Gear

Event: Moonraker Summer League Round 2 Venue: Monkton Combe School (A Team), Calne (B Team), Link Centre (C Team) Date: 15th April 2010

The Moonraker Summer League continued last Saturday evening with the second round of competition.

Swindon Dolphin A amassed the same points as they did a week ago, although with league trailers Bradford-on-Avon upping their game a little and snatching far more points than in the opening round, the overall gap between first place Dolphin and second placed Trowbridge widened to 21 points.

Division 1 second round scores:  Swindon Dolphin A 157, Trowbridge A 143, Bradford-on-Avon A 102, Salisbury 96

Division 1 overall league scores: Swindon Dolphin A 314, Trowbridge A 293, Salisbury 202, Bradford-on-Avon A 184

Despite what appeared to be a far more solid performance than the previous week, Dolphin B finished fourth at Calne, although managed to keep the relegation battle alive by staying within striking distance of third placed Corsham on overall points.

Division 2 second round scores: Tigersharks 158 Chippenham 124, Corsham A 109, Swindon Dolphin B 106

Division 2 overall league scores: Tigersharks 306 Chippenham 253, Corsham A 227, Swindon Dolphin B 208

Dolphin C enjoyed a far improved performance at the Link Centre, at one point coming within 8 points of eventual winners and league leaders Wroughton.  Although an overall league win may not be possible, a similar continued improvement in form could see Dolphin overturn Wroughton in at least one of the remaining two rounds.

Division 4 second round scores: Wroughton 164, Swindon Dolphin C 146, Corsham B 90, Melksham 90

Division 4 overall league scores: Wroughton 342, Swindon Dolphin C 279, Corsham B 219, Melksham 90

The third round takes place on Saturday 3rd July.


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