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Moonraker – The Final Countdown

Event: Moonraker Winter League, Round 3 Venue: Salisbury (A & B Team), Corsham (C Team) Date: 13th March 2010

The third round of the Moonraker League saw Tigersharks overcome Wiltshire giants Swindon Dolphin A at the Salisbury meet on Saturday. Dolphin B were at the same meet and struggled with a heavily depleted line up. Current league leaders Trowbridge finished a disappointing 5th although with the preliminary rounds generally providing little insight into the Final outcome, there is still everything to swim for.

Final Points: Tigersharks 235, Dolphin A 222, Salisbury 199, Chippenham 174, Trowbridge A 91, Marlborough 86, Dolphin B 84

Dolphin C raced at Corsham and for a second time this season were overcome by Durrington, although they did manage to hold off some enthusiastic competition from Swindon ASC and Westbury.

Final Points: Durrington 124, Dolphin B 100, Swindon ASC 88, Westbury 76

All teams are now assigned to the three finals based on their performances to date with the meets taking place on 27th March…and showtime!


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