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Moonraker Triple Top

With the final round of this years Moonraker Summer league being swam on 17th September, everyone in Swindon Dolphin was hoping the A and B Teams could follow the precedence set by the C Team the week before and win their divisions.

From the 5 Divisions in the league, Swindon Dolphin A Team were in action away at Trowbridge up against Bradford-on-Avon, Salisbury and Trowbridge in Division 1.

Swindon Dolphin B Team were in action at home at the Link Centre up against Corsham, Wootton Bassett and Chippenham in Division 2

At both venues, Swindon Dolphin managed to hold onto the positions already set over the previous 3 rounds to win the Moonraker Summer League Divisions 1 & 2. With the clubs C Team having already been crowned winners of Division 5 just one week earlier, this wrapped up a very successful summer which continues to see Swindon Dolphin go from strength to strength.

A Team Captains Liam Jefferies & Lauren Matthews.


B Team Captains William Davies & Denice Gardo


C Team Captains Jake Lewis & Laura Brown



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