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Notification of AGM ~ 2010

The Annual General Meeting is to be held on

Sunday 21 November 2010

at the Health Hydro, Milton Road,

Swindon, at 2.00 pm.

The following Officers will be elected to the Executive Committee in accordance with 2.2(a) of the Constitution:

  1. President

  2. Chairman

  3. Club Secretary

  4. Treasurer

  5. Competition Secretary

  6. Membership Secretary

  7. Social Secretary

  8. Fixtures Secretary

  9. Welfare Officer

  10. Water Polo Secretary

  11. Health & Safety Officer

  12. Club Captain

A further 12 Committee Members will be elected to fill some or all the following roles in accordance with 2.2(e) of the Constitution (allocation of specific roles to the 12 Committee Members will take place at the next Executive Committee Meeting following the AGM)

  1. Vice Chairman

  2. ASA Registrations Officer

  3. Assistant Membership Secretary

  4. Coaching/Teaching Liaison Officer

  5. Disability Liaison Officer

  6. Small Pool Representative

  7. Swim 21 Co-ordinator

  8. Swim Shop

  9. Trophy Steward

  10. Volunteer Co-ordinator

Further information on the Officers and Roles listed above can be found on the Club Website:

The nomination process:

  1. Nomination Forms can be obtained either from Sharon Woolford, Club Secretary or by downloading it from the web site

  2. Nominations properly proposed and seconded must to be returned to the Club Secretary 15 days prior to the meeting

  3. If two or more nominations are received for a post, a candidate profile will be circulated prior to the AGM


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