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Otto Salutes Swindon Clubs for Marvellous Fundraising Efforts

Otto with Emily & Liam

A very sad week just over a year ago for Swindon Dolphin ASC, which saw their 18 year old swimmer Luke Herbert lose his long battle against cancer, ended with the culmination of the fundraising efforts inspired by Luke’s illness and a celebration of his memory, when Swindon Dolphin and Tigersharks presented Otto Putland a cheque for over £6,000 at the 2007 Regional Bagcats. This was in response to Otto’s Challenge, an initiative to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, which was taken up by Luke’s brother Liam.

Last weekend, at this year’s Bagcats Championships, Otto presented both Swindon clubs with a unique, framed swimming suit, signed by every member of the England 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games swimming team, an award he said “for their outstanding fundraising work”.

Liam and Emily Weston received the award on behalf of the clubs and it is now envisaged that the suit may be used in future fundraising initiatives. Congratulations to all concerned.

Source: Swindon Dolphin Press Team


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