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Over the Moon

Event: Moonraker Winter League Finals Venue: Link Centre (A Team), Trowbridge (B Team), Wroughton (C Team) Date: 27th March 2010

Last Saturday the 23 teams of the Moonraker Winter League battled it out in the fourth and final round of racing with each taking up its place at one of the five finals depending on overall league position.  As an all-relay competition, not only is a team’s ability to swim fast tested;  also tried is the commitment of all clubs’ swimmers and parents in supporting their own club at the meets, and therfore supporting the league that provides fierce and yet friendly competition between the county’s swimming clubs.

The big question from the A final was which of the top flight teams would emerge victorious; with current title holders Dolphin A and the A teams of Tigersharks and Trowbridge all having stolen victories from each other in preceding rounds.  Also competing on the night were Chippenham, Bradford-on-Avon and possible dark horses Salisbury.  It was however Dolphin A that turned on the style when it really mattered and, with 15 wins including the final 8 x 25m cannon, retained the title by a healthy margin. Final Points: Dolphin A 197, Trowbridge A 183, Tigersharks A 168, Salisbury 104, Chippenham 91, Bradford-on-Avon 71

Meanwhile Trowbridge pool played host for what was the battle of the B teams for Dolphin, Tigersharks and Trowbridge whose second squads were  in action alongside Wootton Bassett, Marlborough and Corsham A.  Despite a shaky start, Dolphin B pulled back from being in fifth place early on for a well earned third place behind Corsham A in first place and runners-up Marlborough.

Final Points: Corsham A 186, Marlborough 145, Dolphin B 134, Trowbridge B 125, Wootton Bassett 121, Tigersharks B 98

Wroughton was the venue for Dolphin’s C team contest where they were up against the home club, Warminster and Durrington.  A tough evening of racing ensued, and a young and relatively inexperienced side had to settle for fourth place, with Warminster just scraping victory from Wroughton.

Final Points: Warminster 116, Wroughton 110, Durrington 89, Dolphin C 71


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