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Scheme Starts at Dolphin

From the Swindon Advertiser, first published Tuesday 30th May 2006.

Swindon Dolphin ASC are forging closer links with the community, schools and local authority with the formation of Swim Channel.

The Swim 21 accredited club have secured additional water time at their home pool at Milton Road in the centre of Swindon and will use this time to host Swim Channel, a pathway from community, primary schools and existing learn-to-swim schemes into club swimming as part of the Dolphin set-up.

Swim Channel will be spearheaded by newly appointed Swimming Development Officer Steve Cryer a fully qualified coach and assisted by Barbara Beckett, a qualified teacher.

Unlike many swimming courses, enrolment can take place at any time and prospective applicants do not have to wait for one course to elapse before joining.

As an added incentive, Swim Channel will be offering the first session absolutely free.

Subsequent lessons will allow the coaching team to assess the swimmer’s ability and channel them towards the most suitable squad within the structure.

The emphasis will be on gaining confidence in the water, learning and enjoyment but at the same time promoting swimming as a sport of choice.

Swindon Dolphin became the first club in Swindon to adopt the National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS), the Amateur Swimming Association’s blueprint for the correct teaching of all stroke disciplines and so parents and guardians can be assured of the highest calibre tuition.

Swim Channel has been planned to coincide with the finish of school time and will be divided into 30/45-minute sessions from 3pm until 6pm every Wednesday at the small pool in Milton Road

If you would like to enrol on Swim Channel, telephone Steve Cryer on 07868 622422 or email

From the Swindon Advertiser © Newsquest Media Group 2006


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