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Second Moonraker Victory for Dolphin B

Event: 2007/08 Wiltshire ASA Moonraker Winter League – Round 2

Date: 26th January 2008

Venues: Corsham, Trowbridge & Salisbury (25m)

Swindon Dolphin’s A, B & C teams were all back in action in the second round of the 2007/08 Wiltshire ASA Moonraker Winter League on Saturday.

Jenna Beckett – B Team Comeback

Dolphin B claimed their second victory of the competition at the Springfield Leisure Centre, Corsham, winning 32 of their 39 events with disqualifications depriving them of a further 3 top positions. The girls’ under 15 year quintet of Jade Cholod, Ashlee Cox, Megan Jones, Zoe Pattenden and Rebecca Saunders were particularly impressive on the night.

Results: Swindon Dolphin B – 140 points, Corsham B – 114, Westbury – 81, Malmsbury – 48

Meanwhile, the A team finished a comfortable second behind the hosts at Trowbridge Leisure Centre, recording 11 firsts and 11 seconds in a very friendly and exciting gala. Special praise goes to Lewis Ford and Swim Channel’s Alex Johansson-Brown who performed marvellously in their first ever competitive outing for a Swindon Dolphin team, having been called up at short notice to provide cover for more experienced colleagues.

Results: Trowbridge A – 204, Swindon Dolphin A – 177, Corsham A – 161, Marlborough – 98, Melksham – 91, Tigersharks B – 79

Alex Johansson-Brown (11)

A young C team found it tough going at the Five Rivers Leisure Centre in Salisbury but turned in a plucky performance and demonstrated an incredible team spirit and some terrific skills to finish fifth out of seven. However, it was the men’s and women’s open swimmers – Anthony Clark, Nick Beasant, Andrew Holborow, William McKemey, Ben Emmerson, Helen Hanks, Mandy Smith, Tessa Hills & Sarah Kelly who secured many of the valuable points. Trowbridge B deservedly took the top honours.

Results: Trowbridge B – 240 points, Warminister – 236, Durrington – 173, Swindon ASA – 166, Swindon Dolphin C – 108, Devizes – 100, Pewsy & Tidworth – 48 >

Swim Channel’s Alice & Emily Anger – Twin Stars for C Team

Source: Swindon Dolphin Press Team


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