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Strong Speedo Final Performance from Swindon Dolphin

Date: Saturday 8th December 2007 Location: Barry Leisure Centre (25m)

Event: National Speedo League – Western Premier Division, Rd 3

Mat Sambrook – 2 Individual Wins

Swindon Dolphin showed improved form in Round 3 of the Western Division Speedo League at Barry Leisure Centre on Saturday. Despite once again missing several experienced swimmers, and a coach journey that included an unscheduled tour of Barry and a close encounter with a low bridge, Dolphin eventually finished a comfortable second behind Carms in this year’s “B” final. For the third Speedo gala in a row it was the younger age groups that starred, accumulating 9 first place finishes out of the team’s total of 11 as they responded to the excellent atmosphere created by the travelling parents and other swimmers.

Sam Berry and Matthew Sambrook were both three times winners. Berry was an individual winner in the Girls’ 10-11 year 50m backstroke and butterfly events, and completed her hat trick with team mates Charlotte Gardo, Victoria Jennings and Charlotte Pitts in the freestyle relay. Sambrook also had two individual wins – in the Boys’ 10-11 year 50m backstroke and freestyle – and rounded off a successful evening with a win in the freestyle relay, ably assisted by Jack Janicki, Craig Lofts and Niall Westman. Janicki also triumphed in the Boys’ 50m butterfly.

In the Boys’ 13 and under group James Clark continued his domination of the 100m breaststroke, whilst Joe Kerslake was finally rewarded for his good early season form with another personal best time and a first place in the 100m backstroke. Other winners on the night were team captain Cathal Westman in the Boys’ 15 and under 100m breaststroke and Jon Audis in the Men’s 100m backstroke.

Although this was a disappointing Speedo campaign, Dolphin can draw on a number of positives, most notably the promise shown by the younger swimmers. The girls’ group in particular have dominated the 10-11 year age groups in all three galas which have seen individual and team triumphs against many “A” finalists.

Results: Carms – 163 points, Swindon Dolphin – 156, West Wilts Force 5 – 149, Keynsham – 143, City of Exeter – 131

Team: U12 – M Sambrook, C Lofts, J Janicki, N Westman, C Gardo, C Pitts, S Berry, V Jennings

13 & Under – J Clark,S Lofts, L Tubb, J Kerslake, B Preston , M Jones

15 & Under – T Berry , C Westman, J Makings, E Beckett, J Prunty, M Unalan, A Waite

Open – N Masters, R Fouracre, M Tanner, J Audis, J Drake, K Baker

Unavailable – N Kirby, L Herbert, C Jones, A Manley, E Jefferies, R Saunders, Mel Agius, A Alleyne, T Gray, L Maynard, C Hayes


Source: Swindon Dolphin Press Team


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