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Swindon League Title Chase Continues

Swindon Dolphin continued their pursuit of the division four National League title with three more victories at Marlborough this weekend. 

The first match was against second in the league Bristol University who were looking to level things up on top of the table.  Dolphin stormed out of the blocks and played a superb pressing game that allowed their opposition little breathing space.  The students offered very little in attack and Swindon made sure they took their opportunities opening up a four goal lead by the end of the first period. 

Dolphin extended their in the second quarter of the match and further still in the final two periods eventually winning the encounter by seventeen goals to eight.  This was despite the team conceding an unprecedented 20 major fouls.   Goals came from Steve Margetts and Michal Trzeciak (4), Matt James, Rhys Tamlyn and Rob Toolen (2), David Quinlivan, Andy Margetts and Andy Hicks (1).

Swindon’s second game of the weekend was against the RAF who had given the team a tough game when they met earlier in the season.  This was not to be the case again with Dolphin comprehensively outclassing the opposition to win 22-3.  Goals this time came from Steve Margetts (6), Andy Margetts and Andy Hicks (4), David Quinlivan, James Bowden and Michal Trzeciak (2) and Matt James and Angelo Polymeris (1).

The final Sunday fixture was against Newcastle.  Swindon made sure there were no slip ups against a side that had pushed some of the stronger teams in the league.  A victory by eleven goals secured top spot for another weekend.  Goals this time came from Michal Trzeciak, Steve Margetts, Andy Margetts (4), Matt James (3), Angelo Polymeris (2), David Quinlivan, James Bowden, Chris Selby and Andy Hicks (1).

Rhys Tamlyn commented after the Bristol Uni game, “We need to keep concentrating and make sure we do not self destruct.  We have worked hard to ensure we are in pole position.  We need to make sure we work hard for the final two weekends of the season and ensure we finish the season off and earn what we deserve.”

Swindon now have a three week break before they are back in National League action on the weekend of 15th and 16th November 2008 at Basingstoke.Weekend Results: Swindon Dolphin 17-8 Bristol University                                Swindon Dolphin 22-3 RAF                                Swindon Dolphin 21-10 Newcastle

Weekend Stats:  James Farror (3 Apps, 0 G, 0 M), David Quinlivan (3 Apps, 3 G, 4 M), Andy Margetts (3 Apps, 9 G, 3 M), Andy Hicks (3 Apps, 6 G, 3 M), Steve Margetts (3 Apps, 14 G, 7 M), Darryl Pye (3 Apps, 0 G, 1 M), Angelo Polymeris (3 Apps, 3 G, 3 M), Ian Brewer (3 Apps, 0 G, 0 M), Matt James (3 Apps, 6 G, 2 M), Chris Selby (2 Apps, 1 G, 2 M), Rob Toolen (2 Apps, 2 G, 3 M), Michal Trzeciak (3 Apps, 10 G, 4 M), James Bowden (3 Apps, 3 G, 4 M), Rhys Tamlyn (1 Apps, 2 G, 2 M).


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