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Take Your Marks for Moonraker Summer League 2010

Event: Moonraker Summer League Round 1 Venue: Trowbridge (A Team), Corsham (B Team), Milton Road (C Team) Date: 8th April 2010

The Wiltshire Moonraker Summer League got underway last weekend with the first of the four rounds of competition.

Reigning division 1 champions Swindon Dolphin A had a tough time in their opener at Trowbridge A, just scraping a win from the hosts.

Division 1 first round scores:  Swindon Dolphin A 157, Trowbridge A 150, Salisbury 106, Bradford-on-Avon A 82

The division 2 meet at Corsham was dominated by a strong Tigersharks with Dolphin B doing well to clear the 100 point mark but finishing in the bottom spot on the night.

Division 2 first round scores: Tigersharks 148 Chippenham 129, Corsham A 118, Swindon Dolphin B 102

Division 4 teams had the tough challenge of the 36 yard Milton Road pool to contend with.  Clear winners were Wroughton with Dolphin C runners up, just having the edge over Corsham B in third.

Division 4 first round scores: Wroughton 178, Swindon Dolphin C 133, Corsham B 129

The second round takes place on Saturday 15th May.


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