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Trowbridge Find Form in Winter League Final

Event:  Moonraker Winter League Finals Venue: Link Centre / Trowbridge / Wroughton Date: 19th March 2011

One week after the end of the Wiltshire Youth Championships and the first day of the BAGCAT competition, the all relay Winter League finals took place across the county.

The top 6 teams from the previous three rounds were competing at the Link Centre in the A final.  The Youth Championship results suggested Dolphin’s strength would lie in the top two age groups whereas early indications from the BAGCATs showed that Trowbridge were likely to have the edge in the younger age groups.

Intriguingly however, Trowbridge A showed strength throughout all age groups and were always in front from the outset.  Dolphin held on to second place for most of the meet but following two disqualifications in quick succession slipped to third place allowing Tigersharks A to take the runner up spot.

A Final Scores: Trowbridge A 205, Tigersharks A 177, Swindon Dolphin A 165.5, Chippenham 105, Salisbury 92.5 Corsham A 68

In the B final at Trowbridge, second ranked hosts Trowbridge B were the only team who posed any threat to eventual winners Bradford on Avon.  A severely depleted Dolphin B struggled to keep out of the lower places and despite a busy night for many of the younger age group swimmers that clearly took its toll, they did manage to enjoy two wins towards the end of the meet.

B Final Scores: Bradford on Avon 218, Trowbridge B 184, Marlborough 112, Wroughton 110, Wootton Bassett 102, Swindon Dolphin B 86

The C final at Wroughton was a close fought affair with Warminster emerging as winners.  Despite four Dolphin first places, too many disqualifications resulted in a fourth placed finish for their C team.

C Final Scores: Warminster 100, Tigersharks B 93, Durrington Otters 91, Swindon Dolphin C 76.


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