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World Record Milton Road Channel Swim !

Congratulations to the 14 Dolphin swimmers who took part in the sponsored swim at Milton Road on Sunday morning to help raise money for the warm weather, high altitude, training camp in South Africa in April.

The aim of the swim was to cover the distance of a double ‘Channel Crossing’ (44 miles in total) in less time than the current world record for a relay team, which stood at 18 hours and 59 minutes.

The Dolphin group achieved their goal by completing the task of just over 45 miles in a cumulative time of 18 hours and 53 minutes (1 hour and 21 minutes per swimmer).

Special thanks goes to Liam Tubb for a fine swim having stepped in as an eleventh hour replacement and all those who helped support this fundraising initiative.

Next time it’s the Channel for real for this team !!

Source: Swindon Dolphin Press Team


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